Cultivating Genius: An Equity Framework

Cultivating Genius: An Equity Framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy
ByGholdy Muhammad
(Scholastic, 2020 –learn more)

Reviewed by Nicole Warchol

像美国大多数教师一样,我是白人。我们的教学部队甚至不接近反映学生的种族多样性,在那里80%的教育工作者are white, but more than half of our student population is not.

Years ago one of my former students commented that when teachers told her that they don’t see color, she felt they weren’t seeingher.加上,她补充说:“黑色没有错。”为了教孩子们,我们必须真正看到它们和他们的经历。




Cultivating Genius由前K12教师和副教授Gholdy Muhammad是一个可以用来支持这些努力的文本。它包含八章,并占跨越内容区域的课程样本组织成三个部分,使其既可访问,读者友好。


The book opens by introducing readers to the theory and model of Historically Responsive Literacy (HRL). Essentially, HRL is a shift in programming where social context and cultural identities become more relevant or central to our work. This switch only heightens student engagement.

“The HRL Framework advances the Common Core State Standards by moving beyond just skills and knowledge. This calls for a shifting of schools’ curriculum and lesson planning to be inclusive of Black history, as we prepare preservice teachers and support practicing teachers. When these four learning goals [identity development, skill development, intellectual development, criticality] are taught using excellent methods of teaching, learning becomes humanizing. . . .Collectively, these four pursuits are also intended to restore the power, energy, and originality of teachers and leaders” (157-8).

Moving to the forefront for equity



Cultivating Geniusis grounded in the work of Black literary societies, and I am certain that our Black students will benefit from implementing Historically Responsive Literacy. Muhammad advocates for a celebration of learning, where educators layer texts by taking a multi-modal approach, demonstrating that utilizing this framework can benefit all of the students on your roster.

最终,Gholdy Muhammad正在寻找在一直在大幅停滞的教育系统中的协同转变。我从这本书获得了重要的洞察力,并留下了它的通用。作为教育者,如果您正在寻找可以为种族正义做出贡献的方式,您可能会首先阅读Cultivating Genius.

Nicole Warchol一直教中学超过十年。万博全站客户端她是前NCTE主角和现任董事会成员,为新泽西州英语教师委员会。她是一个水瓶座,所以从出生时她注定要包含群众。妮可也是一个ravenclaw,偶尔会写诗歌,并与小狗做瑜伽。她从@msnwarchol推文。


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