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应用程序类-125x125类应用程序,launched in the summer of 2016,captures the passion of former Kansas state teacher of the year柯蒂斯钱德勒免费的数字工具,使教学更容易和更成功。柯蒂斯now a teacher-educator at BYU-Idaho,经过几年的偶尔投稿,成为了一名普通的博主。tech-oriented articlesto 万博maxbet官网MiddleWeb.他的文章总是把重点放在最佳实践研究上。

现在比以往任何时候都重要,关闭阅读媒体是粗花呢的必备品,无论是青少年还是成人。After contributing more than36篇文章since 2012,媒体素养专家弗兰克W面包师agreed to begin a monthly blog for 万博maxbet官网MiddleWeb,tapping the name of his latest book project.弗兰克已经开始揭示媒体素养这个话题的广度,writing on subjects as diverse as movie-making,commercial advertising,政治竞选,and the news media.The common thread running through it all is the urgent need,在社交媒体时代,培养学生的批判性思维能力。

manbet 万博亚洲Jeremy Hyler‘s columnmanbet 万博亚洲riffs on the title of his第一书并阐述了他的前瞻性教学理念。他是密歇根州的一名中学教师,具有英万博全站客户端语语言艺术/科学背景,目前任教7年级的ELA课程。他特别热衷于将技术和数字工具融入识字教学。and readers can expect many stories and 万博maxbet官网resources from his classroom.他最近的一本书(与特洛伊·希克斯合著)是From Texting to Teaching: Grammar Instruction in a Digital Age (劳特利奇,2017)。

TheFuture of Historyblog is written by four contributing social studies teachers with middle grades experience.Three live and teach in the Los Angeles area:Sarah Cooper是加拿大洛杉矶的一名历史教师和教学领导,Calif.作者Making History MineandCreating Citizens: Teaching Civics & Current Events in the History Classroom.Jody Passanisi (author of历史课重访andShara Peters是长期从事教学和写作工作的同事。Lauren S.棕色教美国历史,sociology and world geography in public middle and high schools,supervised social studies pre-service teachers at Northern Illinois University,现在又回到了中学历史教室。万博全站客户端(亚伦布罗克,a history teacher at inner city Compton CA Unified School District,在2013-15年间提供了定期文章。)

学校的中心was teacher-librarian丽塔普拉特‘s title choice when we invited her to blog for us in 2017.The title reflected her work as a librarian and media specialist and her advocacy for teacher leadership in all its permutations.在她漫长的职业生涯中,Rita has also taught English learners and served as a literacy coach.We think her Twitter bio sums up things well:Mom,妻子,NBCT教师,学习者,reader,作家,民权活动家,斯普林斯汀风扇。2018年夏季,丽塔成了学校的校长。

Cherylm-logo-105W-Bloggers在二人之间很不容易taps into the knowledge and experience of谢丽尔米泽尼,一名20岁以上的退伍军人,她的大部分职业生涯都在中级教室里度过,现在教六年级英语语言艺术。谢丽尔结合了她在特殊教育和教育心理学领域的实际课堂见解和专业知识,where her Master's degree studies focused on understanding the individual learner as a whole person: cognitively,emotionally,和社会上的。也见她其他文章在中网万博maxbet官网。

CKPPSWB-105孩子们在尖峰专注于高中早期的教学——四年级和五年级。我们的博客,Mary Tarashuk,在这两个年级都有经验,目前在新泽西东部的一所公立学校教一个独立的四年级班。玛丽是第二职业教师,有16年的工作经验和写作天赋(她是一个初出茅庐的小说家)。She was an early adopter of The Walking Classroom,which she's written about在这里.

有意义的-math-logo2我们的Meaningful Math博客作者米歇尔·拉塞尔,把她中学数学老师的经历带到她的文章里,始终集中在中间层。她于2016年夏天开始为我们写作。Watch for her monthly articles about her own restless search for the most effective teaching practices.

扩大我们对STEM主题的广泛报道(见下文!)我们邀请了科学老师,内容专家和教练凯茜伦弗鲁成为科学女士and write about general science topics from her perspective as a veteran middle grades teacher and early advocate for the Next Generation Science Standards.

阀杆设计标志WB-105STEM by Design博客作者安妮快乐开始了她的实验室科学家生涯,caught the teaching bug and was recognized as a state teacher of the year.As a curriculum consultant for anNSF-supported project她帮助为中学课程开发基于标准的STEM模块。万博全站客户端安妮喜欢让读者参与有关STEM主题的对话。她的书STEM By Design: Strategies and Activities for Grades 4-8由Routledge/MiddleWeb合作伙伴发布。万博maxbet官网

ios万博体育app下载aims at the broad audience of teachers who are finding more and more English Language Learners in their self-contained and subject area classrooms.瓦伦蒂娜·冈萨雷斯has been a classroom instructor,ESL教练,and now a district-level leader for ELL professional development.对于任何想在学习潜力最大的时候为英语学习者服务的老师来说,她的职位都有丰富的建议和策略。

两名教师-BORD-105Two Teachers in the Roomis one of the few blogs on the Web dedicated to exploring the co-teaching experience.It is written byElizabeth Stein,a middle grades special education teacher,作者,以及纽约的sped/udl教学教练和新教师导师。两位教师倡导者在包容环境中平衡了合作关系,以及通用学习设计的潜力。Elizabeth also co-moderates the Twitter chat#coteachat.

Amber-logo-125灵活的教室中层教师职称浅论Amber Chandler‘s 2016 book,The Flexible ELA Classroom: Practical Tools for Differentiated Instruction in Grades 4-8(Routledge/万博maxbet官网MiddleWeb)。她的middleweb博客的读万博maxbet官网者可以期待大量尖端的教学理念,强调差异化,塞尔以学生为中心的项目学习。Amber一直在做贡献热门文章自20万博maxbet官网14年起加入MiddleWeb。

梅甘凯利热爱创新,这是m.1manbetx,launched here in the fall of 2018.梅根从2003年开始在国际上教书,most recently in The Bahamas.She has a Master of Arts in Teaching and is passionate about literacy and learning through play.We asked Megan to join us as a regular after she wrote a series of popular guest articles.你可以在这里找到他们!

KHLOG博客页面ForWorking Draft我们很幸运地说服了六年级的ELA老师和写作冠军凯文霍奇森to share his thoughts and his classroom life.凯文,who tweets @dogtrax and maintains a popular personal blog,凯文漫无目的的思想,loves to create graphics and audio to go with his posts.他的主题包括:不情愿的作家,视觉素养,games and learning,小学六年级教学。